MQ Explorer Plus for Websphere

Monitor and control your IBM Websphere MQ queue manager




Key Features:

  • New! Support Unix,AIX and zOS queue managers
  • New! Manage Channels and Listeners
  • Visualise some key parameters of queues like
    • queue state
    • queue depth
    • uncommitted count
    • opened read/write counts
  • Extended filtering of queues: only with messages, based on state, name, type, ...
  • Take massive actions on queues: allow, inhibit, clear a set of queues in one click
  • Manage the content of a queue
    • search messages
    • visualise message content (raw, hex, xml, json, custom parser)
    • forward messages to another queue
    • export to csv
    • load/unload queue content based on official IBM format
  • Remote connection support (without the need of MQ Client installed)
  • Powerful message parser including parsing definition editor with IntelliSense
  • and more...
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