Due to the time needed to maintain this tool, time I'dont have anymore, I decided to make it open source.
Thank you for using MQ Explorer Plus for Websphere! You can find the project on github.
You can propose new feature by submitting pull requests. I'll be happy to integrate them.

MQ Explorer Plus for Websphere

Monitor and control your IBM Websphere MQ queue manager




Key Features:

  • New! Support Unix,AIX and zOS queue managers
  • New! Manage Channels and Listeners
  • Visualise some key parameters of queues like
    • queue state
    • queue depth
    • uncommitted count
    • opened read/write counts
  • Extended filtering of queues: only with messages, based on state, name, type, ...
  • Take massive actions on queues: allow, inhibit, clear a set of queues in one click
  • Manage the content of a queue
    • search messages
    • visualise message content (raw, hex, xml, json, custom parser)
    • forward messages to another queue
    • export to csv
    • load/unload queue content based on official IBM format
  • Remote connection support (without the need of MQ Client installed)
  • Powerful message parser including parsing definition editor with IntelliSense
  • and more...
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